Malaysia Parliament Series 1973 50 Cents With Collar Die Strike Errors.
I recently discovered a 1973 50 cents coin with milled edge but it also
has got the 'Bank Negara Malaysia' imprint at its edge (looking at
the edge you will notice vertical lines as well as the words) and it goes
all the way around.
It is the only one I came across like it.
How rare or uncommon is this coin?
Appreciate your quick answer.

s t ngoh

If the milled/reeded edge is clear, neat and the same look as the 20 cents milled edge or 1967,68,69 -50 cents variety milled edge.Then,it is a WRONG PLANCHET ERRORS. It happened when a Planchet which is intended for another coinage was mixed into the bulk of planchets for the purpose of minting MALAYSIA 50 cents PARLIAMENT coin series.
If the milled/reeded edge is not uniform in design,then it can be a  DEFECTIVE PLANCHET ERRORS, the planchet is  not properly treated during the process of UPENDED/UPSETTING edge or rim.The milled edge look alike was formed during the process of punching a Blank from a strip of metal.A Blank will always carry a rough edge and will be treated during the UPENDED/UPSETTING process to become a planchet intended for a coin.

This is quite a common features happened to MALAYSIA BUNGA RAYA 50 cents
coin series..The minting quality of our coins are deteriorating.

Hope to view the actual coin to be more accurate.

Happy collecting MINT ERRORS coins
Best regards
Dickson Niew


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